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Media Studies Seminar and EUscreen Network Meeting in Paris

EUscreen is collaborating with FIAT/IFTA’s Media Studies Commission on a joint seminar, which takes place on Monday March 20th at the ISCC in Paris. Sixteen papers will present different views on the legacy of 1968 in the media across the globe. A selection of the symposium’s outcomes will be published in EUscreen’s open access VIEW Journal. Attendance is free, but registration is required before March 12th via Eventbrite. On Tuesday, March 21st the EUscreen Foundation’s participants will convene for an internal full-day network meeting.

Much thanks to our colleagues at Ina for hosting both events!

Tuesday March 21st: EUscreen Network Meeting

EUscreen announces its Network Meeting in Paris on Tuesday 21 March. The Network Meeting takes places at The Institute for Communication Sciences (ISCC) in Paris and aims to share expertise and best practices amongst the network participants.

During the network meeting Programme, we will go through Status Updates on the Foundation’s activities and our continuing collaboration with Europeana. There will be ample time for discussions and we’ll will be working in roundtables on the proposed EUscreen strategy for the coming years. The Archive team from Norwegian broadcaster NRK will present their Aggregation Case Study and Eve-Marie Oesterlen will present on the aggregation flow under the Europeana DSI-2 project. In the afternoon, we’ll work together on content curation ideas in the workshop ‘Making Meaning-Curating online material on the televisual legacy of 1968’ and will end the meeting with a screening of a selection of EUscreen materials.

If you are a network member and haven’t registered yet, do so as soon as possible – and March 12th at the latest – via Eventbrite. We look forward to welcoming you in Paris!

Monday March 20th: 1968 in the Media Seminar

The meeting will be preceded by an international seminar organized by the Media Studies Commission of FIAT/IFTA on March 20th. The symposium is open to all everyone who’s interested and attendance is free, but registration required before March 12th via Eventbrite.

From the Prague Spring in the former Czechoslovakia to the student protests in Paris and civil rights movement in the United States, the protests of 1968 marked a series of national and transnational events that captured media’s attention. At the symposium, 16 papers will present different views on the media coverage of the political and social events that took place across the globe in that year. The seminar is organized by the FIAT/IFTA Media Studies Comission in collaboration with INA Institut National de l´Audiovisuel and the EUscreen Foundation. Its outcomes will be published in EUscreen’s open access VIEW Journal.

Symposium Programme

location: ISCC, 20 rue Berbier du Mets, 75013 Paris

8:30 Coffee and Tea

8:45 Opening

9:00 – 10:30 Panel 1 ‘Politics of Representation’

  • Gracia Ramirez (University of the Art London, UK): Czechoslovakia 1968: U.S. Propaganda at a Turning Point
  • Todd M. Goehle (State University of New York, USA): The News Coverage and Politics of West Germany’s Easter Weekend, 1968
  • Chris Reynolds (Nottingham Trent University, UK): Transnational Perspectives of 1968: Explaining the absence at Northern Ireland’s ‘68
  • James Jordan (University of Southampton, UK): Through European Eyes: Europa and the summer of 1968

10:45 – 12 15 Panel 2 ‘Researching 1968: Stories, Perspectives and Sources’

  • Berber Hagedoorn (University of Groningen, NL): Disruptive Narratives: Interpreting the Dutch Media Event of 1968
  • Richard Legay (University of Luxembourg, L): May 1968 in Paris lived and told by peripheral radio stations
  • Mila Turajlic (SciencesPo, FR): Comrade Tito said the students are right – 1968 in Yugoslavia
  • Montserrat Bailac and Montserrat Fortino (TV3, Spain) May 1968 in Spain

13:30 – 15:00 Panel 3 ‘Filming 1968’

  • Patricia Holland (Bournemouth University, UK) The Hornsey Film
  • Steve Chibnall (Peter Whitehead Archive) & Tim Beddows (Network Distributing Ltd) Whitehead – The Resurrection of The Fall
  • Dominique Beaux, Jean-Baptiste Evette, Valérie Hyenveux Fodera (Films des Quatre Planètes, FR): The Strange Spring of Mai 68

15:15 – 16:45 Panel 4 ‘Curating Histories’

  • Shane O’Sullivan (Kingston University, UK) Hidden in the Rushes, Lost in the Feed
  • Mette Charis Buchman (DR, DK) and Søs Hoffman (DR, DK) Stories from the DR Archives
  • Agiatis Benardou (Digital Curation Unit, ATHENA R.C./ Panteion University of Social and Political Sciences, GR) 1968 through the Europeana Collection
  • Martin Bouda (Czech Television, CZ/EUscreen) A Curated Selection on 1968 in Czechoslovakia