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Presentation about Open Images and EUscreen on JTS2010

Johan Oomen will give a presentation about the Open Images platform, which will also be involved in EUscreen, during the Joint Technical Symposium 2010 (JTS2010) in Oslo. JTS is a gathering for professionals working in the field of audiovisual heritage and takes place between 2-5 May. Many important stakeholders are involved, like FIAT/IFTA, AMIA, FIAF and IASA.

The presentation about Open Images and EUscreen is scheduled on the 4th of May. A part of the paper abstract is displayed below:

“In September 2009, the Netherlands Institute for Sound and Vision launched Open Images, an open media platform that offers access to a selection of archive material with the aim to stimulate creative reuse. Footage from audiovisual collections can be downloaded and remixed into new works. Users of Open Images also have the opportunity to add their own material to the platform and thus expand the collection. Access provision to the material on Open Images is based on the Creative Commons licensing model. The „open‟ nature of Open Images is underscored by the use of open video formats (Ogg Theora), open standards (HTML5, OAI-PMH) and open software components.
The collection will grow substantially over the coming years, as new items will be uploaded continuously. This year, also material from the Dutch Filmmuseum will be added. Also, Open Images is working with the EU funded project EUscreen and will invite other broadcast archives to supply data. Non-professionals are also encouraged to create new programmes based on Open Images fragments and items from other online repositories of archive material. (…)”

Download the entire abstract.