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Your journal for European television history and culture

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The VIEW Journal of European Television History and Culture is the first peer-reviewed, multimedia and open access e-journal in the field of television studies. It offers an international platform for outstanding academic research and archival reflection on television as an important part of European cultural heritage. With its interdisciplinary profile, the journal is open to many disciplinary perspectives on European television – including television history, media studies, media sociology, cultural studies and television studies.

The journal acts as a space for critical reflection on the cultural, social and political role of television in Europe’s past and present. It also provides a multi-media platform for the presentation and re-use of digitised audiovisual material. In bridging the gap between academic and archival concerns for television and in analysing the political and cultural importance of television in a transnational and European perspective, the journal aims to establish an innovative platform for the critical interpretation and creative use of digitised audio-visual sources. In doing so, it will challenge a long tradition of television research that was – and to a huge amount still is – based on the analysis of written sources.

In offering a unique technical infrastructure for a multimedia presentation of critical reflections on European television, the journal aims to stimulate new narrative forms of online storytelling, making use of the rich digitised audiovisual collections of television archives around Europe.

The VIEW Journal addresses the scientific community as well as a larger audience interested in television as a cultural phenomenon. Broadcast historians, media studies scholars, audiovisual archivists, television professionals, as well as the large group of enthusiastic fans of ‘old’ television have the opportunity to dive into the history and presence of European television by means of multi-media texts.

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