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EUscreen present at various conferences

By Wietske van den Heuvel

Delegates of EUscreen have been present at a number of conferences and meetings in the beginning of June, disseminating the results of the project. Johan Oomen did a presentation during the TERENA Networking Conference in Vilnius about the relation between EUscreen and Europeana. The slides of this presentation are included here.

Johan Oomen also attended the EuroITV2010 Conference in Tampere, were he showed a demo of EUscreen and Video Active. Sally Reynolds highlighted the value of EUscreen for education during the EDEN Conference in Valencia in a session about networked learning and web 2.0 studies. The Kungliga Biblioteket in Stockholm hosted an event for the delegates of the Romanian Academy Library, where Christoper Nátzen gave a presentation about EUscreen. The end of June will be devoted to the first EUscreen Open Workshop on Metadata Schemes and Content Selection Policies, which takes place next week in Mykonos.