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AMIA/IASA Conference 2010 – EUscreen presentation published

By Johan Oomen

EUscreen representatives participated in the joint AMIA/IASA conference. The event, that attracted hundreds of delegates from around the globe, was organised in Philadelphia. Johan Oomen presented Europeana and EUscreen in a session that also included an insightful presentation by Georg Eckes of the European Film Gateway. The presentation is now available online.

From the conference programme: “This presentation will firstly discuss the goals of Europeana and benefits this unified access brings to both users and contributing organisations. Secondly, the presentation will outline the commonalities and differences between the two aggregations. More specifically regarding: Architecture, handling metadata, content Selection policy and handling IPR, functionality and multi-linguality. Both projects have invested ample time defining Use Models by engaging in focus groups and executing desk research. One of the common requirements that needed to be addressed was the issue of providing multilingual access. However, film institutions and broadcast archives often have a slightly different focus in terms of the way archival content is archived, accessed and explored.”