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EUscreen Portal Launched in celebration of UNESCO’s World Day of Audiovisual Heritage

EUscreen: Television heritage online

EUscreen is a unique showcase of Europe’s television heritage. The portal is officially launched today in celebration of UNESCO’s World Day of Audiovisual Heritage. On this year’s 5th Annual World Day, the theme is: Audiovisual Heritage: See, Hear and Learn. The theme corresponds with the aim of EUscreen to be a multimedia resource for the general public, pupils and scholars alike.

Major audiovisual archives in Europe have joined forces to offer unified access to the history of television in Europe. Thousands of video’s and images are available for free online consultation, and additional content is added on a daily basis.  The EUscreen portal has been accessible in beta testing mode since early 2011, but received an entirely new layout. It has been extensively tested and accounts for the needs of the various user groups EUscreen focuses on in the fields of education, research, and for the general public.

The portal provides a wide variety of functionalities to search and browse the collection, which can be used in different contexts such as curricula and research programmes, for remix, and for leisurely dives into popular history. Additional tools for curated exhibitions and an academic e-journal which researches significant trends in over 60 years of European television with the help of original programme sources will become available in 2012.

“With EUscreen we encourage users to actively engage with the history of Europe and the history of television regardless of the language and cultural boundaries. This is a great step forward to explore the role of television heritage in how we came to see ourselves and others in changing times”, says project co-ordinator Sonja de Leeuw.

EUscreen launches all over Europe

What follows is an overview of the press releases that have been published throughout the day and the launch events that are ensuing in the different partner countries. Do get in touch if you’d like to attend any of these launch events!

International Press Release: PR_EUscreenPortalLaunched_INT [doc]



  • Press release (Nl): VRT WAVHD 2011 [pdf]
  • Launch Event: Brussels, 23 November 2011.

Czech Republic:










United Kingdom:

  • Press Release 1: PR_EUscreenLaunch_UK [doc] 
  • Press Release 2:
  • Launch Event: The new EUscreen portal will be officially launched in the UK on the 2nd December 2012 by the BUFVC at their forum The Key to More Access, which will take place at The Geological Society in Piccadilly.  This event is organised and delivered by the BUFVC and will be attended by representatives of the EUscreen project from Royal Holloway, University of London and the BBC.