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Exhibiting EUscreen

Created by Kati Hyypä

More Context for Content

Over the past two and a half years, EUscreen has been sourcing all kinds of content and has worked closely with developers and designers to make this rich and varied collection accessible online. The EUscreen portal currently hosts over 21,000 items which relate to television history and the history of Europe in a collection that includes items from the earliest days of the medium (and before) right up until the present.

Contributions from 22 different broadcasters and archives from across Europe have been brought together and made freely available in one one single portal. Well, two portals actually – all of these items are also being made available on Europeana, where they sit amongst almost 22 million cultural objects from across Europe.

Exploring Television History

Within EUscreen our aim is to make this material available to as wide a range of interested users as possible. To do so, the partners in the consortium have been hard at work to realise the next step in the project: making the collection accessible through online exhibitions and suggesting ways for users to engage with the EUscreen material. We have been creating a virtual exhibition builder that provides a set of tools for creating online exhibitions which can feature various media such as video, audio, still image and text. A first version of these tools will soon be part of the EUscreen portal. Recently, Daniel Ockeloen from Noterik and Sanna Marttila from AALTO/TAIK gave a presentation at the Europeana gathering in Mykonos. We’ve posted it here to give you an idea about what to expect.

An Online Exhibition Space

Designing the VE tools has included various activities, such as workshops in which collaborative hands-on design methods have been used for generating ideas and improving designs. Virtual Exhibition builder prototypes have also been developed and tested incrementally in order to reflect the needs of the different users and to improve the ease of use. The Virtual Exhibition tools have been developed in collaboration with various EUscreen consortium partners. The technical development and user interface design is the brainchild of Noterik and TAIK, who have worked closely with other partners, such as the Comparative Virtual Exhibition curators Dr Dana Mustata from Groningen University and Dr Sian Barber from Royal Holloway, University of London as well as colleagues from the British Universities Film and Video Council.

We are currently piecing together the final elements of the first exhibitions which will be made available on the portal very soon. EUscreen archive partners are also curating their online exhibitions to present focused explorations into television history. Watch this space to be the first to know when new exhibitions appear!