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EUscreen Use Case Scenarios in the Research Domain

Dana Mustata (RUG) and Berber Hagedoorn (UU) recently carried out the second trials for use case scenarios in the research domain  at the Centre for Journalism and Media Studies at the University of Groningen in the Netherlands. The aim of these testing activities was to monitor the benefit of all enhancements and changes that have taken place in the development cycle of the EUscreen and test the usability of the portal for researchers.

The testing with media researchers at the University of Groningen (RUG) consisted of a focus group and was carried out in the form of an ‘acceptance test’ of the portal. Users present at the meeting came from different research areas: television history, journalism and online practices of journalism, amateur filmmaking and media technologies. Discussions during the meeting concerned the use of EUscreen content in research, the contextualization of EUscreen content, the different functionalities offered by the portal as well as feedback on two scenarios drafted by Utrecht University and the National Library of Sweden on the use of EUscreen material in research practices.

The meeting in Groningen was part of a series of testing activities carried out by different EUscreen partners across different countries and for all EUscreen target user groups. The testing results of this focus group meeting, together with testing in other user group sectors will be part of deliverable D6.3 Evaluation and will be compiled by the EUscreen partner KB, the National Library of Sweden.