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Exhibitions that Jump, Dance, Pray and Revolt

The recent history of Europe is varied and curious and has been closely observed through the lenses of television cameras. EUscreen makes available a substantive amount of archival television materials for free on its portal and through Europe’s cultural access point, Europeana. More than 40.000 items can currently be explored. The EUscreen exhibitions add another layer to this varied, diverse and fascinating collection. Hand-picked by researchers and seasoned archivists, they offer the back stories on international evolutions and local stories throughout the twentieth century. Today we present a new quartet of exhibitions to entice your imagination.

From Slovenia, we’re drawn into a history of the country’s bond with the awe-inspiring acrobatics of ski jumpers. The Hungarian audiovisual archive shows how rich the culture is that once inspired Brahms to his famous Hungarian Dances and brings you in close contact with songs and dances from the Puszta. Scholars from the Netherlands and the UK offer perspectives on television and religion: what camera angle is the pope’s favourite? And how many women priests exist in the European religious space? Finally, from the Czech Republic comes a harrowing account on the country’s Velvet Revolution.

Dive in and explore these – and many other – exhibitions that are up on display at

Ski jumping and winter sports

Planica is a place synonymous with both ski jumping and ski flying. The importance of this location is recognised not only in Slovenia but throughout the skiing world. This exhibition explores the history of Planica ski jumping and ski flying competition through texts, images and footage and reveals this important sporting legacy from an audiovisual perspective.
Ski jumping and Ski Flying. Exhibition curated by Katja Šturm, RTV Slovenia.

Hungarian music and dance

This virtual exhibition allows an insight into the world of traditional and contemporary Hungarian music and dance culture represented amply in the collections of the National Audiovisual Archive of Hungary (NAVA).
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Hungarian Music and Dance. Exhibition curated by the National Audiovisual Archive of Hungary.

Religion and Faith

This exhibition explores different aspects of religion and faith and considers how these and a range of related issues are dealt with on television.
Religion and Faith. Exhibition curated by Richard Hewett, Royal Holloway, University of London, Dana Mustata, University of Groningen and Berber Hagedoorn, University of Utrecht.

The Velvet Revolution

The goal of this virtual exhibition is to explore the anatomy of the so-called Velvet Revolution, which saw the fall of the communist regime in Czechoslovakia.
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The Velvet Revolution. Exhibition curated by Martin Bouda, Czech TV.

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