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Crossing Boundaries for AV Preservation

Screening the Future is a two-day conference with a focus on the preservation of digital media.This international conference brings together leaders in the fields of technology and research and those with a strategic responsibility for digitisation and digital preservation in the creative and cultural industries. The conference aims to navigate participants through current case studies and the latest thinking on standards and planning for the digital preservation of audiovisual assets.

Screening the Future 2013

May 7-8, London, Tate Modern.

For thirty years (or more in some cases) institutions and individuals have been producing sound and moving image content digitally, whether born digital or converted from analogue sources. What is the range of all this content? Are there common solutions to preservation questions? Can we find and share solutions by bringing together communities of practicefrom as wide a range as possible?

PrestoCentre is a non-profit organisation set up specifically to support audiovisual preservation any way it can. It promotes activities to support nine av preservation-connected communities:
  1. Artists and Art Museums
  2. Music and Sound Archives
  3. Video Production and Post-Production
  4. Footage Sales
  5. Film Production and Collection
  6. Research
  7. Education
  8. Broadcasting
  9. Personal collections.
The annual showcase by PrestoCentre takes place from May 7-8 at the Tate Modern, London, UK. Visit the conference website ( to find out more about the programme and speakers. The Tate venue should attract the notice of the Art and Art Museum community, but the conference has a wider programme and a wider ambition: to bring all these communities to one place (and time) so they can help each other out.

“Meet someone you don’t know – with problems you do know”

Key Topics of the conference include:

  • Sector-based responses to the changing technological nature of media assets in our collections and archives
  • Sector-based trends in preservation technology
  • Institutional responses to how collection and preservation mandates are realised and stretched by the digital
  • Media preservation as a sound investment; new methodologies for valuing our media assets
  • The psychology of preservation; our motivations and dynamics in practice
  • Maintaining a vision in a culture of operational alliances and partnerships
  • Acknowledging and advocating for difference; understanding the impact of sector-based and institutional distinction on preservation strategies and solutions

Featured Speakers include:

  • Matthew Addis (Arkivum Ltd.)
  • Sam Gustman (USC Digital Repository and Shoah Foundation)
  • Rob Hummel (Group 47, LLC.)
  • Michael Moon (GISTICS Inc.)
  • Kara van Malssen (AudioVisual Preservation Solutions)
  • Mark Schubin (SMPTE Fellow)
  • John Zubrzycki – conference chair (British Broadcasting Corporation)

The Early Bird Registration for the Screening the Future 2013 Conference has been extended until April 15. Don’t miss your last chance to benefit from this discount and register now at For more information about the conference and registration please visit: