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CALL FOR PAPERS: Doing Women’s Film and Television History

The Second International Conference of the Women’s Film and Television History Network – UK/Ireland will take place from 10th to 12th April 2014 at The University of East Anglia, UK.

Building on the success of the first ‘Doing Women’s Film History’ conference held in 2011, this three-day international conference will bring together researchers in women’s film and television history, archivists, curators and creative practitioners to explore and celebrate all aspects of women’s participation within the visual media industries across the globe and in all periods. The conference will provide a forum for the latest research into women’s work in film and television production (both on screen and off screen), in film distribution and exhibition, their roles in television ranging from presenters and personalities to commissioners and controllers, as well as women’s activities as film and television critics, consumers and fans.

Papers on any topic related to women’s film, television and media history are welcome. Also, the conference organisers invite all interested in hosting panels and strands on the following areas:

* women and documentary: whose voices, which audiences, to whose benefit?

* screenwriters and scriptwriting: the woman writer

* women’s contributions to non-Anglophone film and television industries

* feminist filmmakers and filmmaking collectives

* female film and television fan cultures

* teaching women’s film and television history

Proposals of 300 words for papers should be sent no later than 31st October 2013

Conference organisers: Laraine Porter (De Montfort University), Yvonne Tasker (University of East Anglia) and Melanie Williams (University of East Anglia)