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Top 10 videos on EUscreen in 2013

We would like to present you the most frequently viewed videos on EUscreen in 2013*:

#1  Makrobiotička / Macrobiotic Lady (provided by Czech Televison)

macrobiotic lady

What is the life like for those who know what they eat? 70-years old lady Jarmila Průchová was healed thanks to a macrobiotic diet.”I am as happy and active as sixteen years ago, when these footage were taken. Best regards. Jarmila.” – said Ms Průchová in 2013.

Broadcast date: 22/06/1997

#2 Actie van de rijkswacht/ Action of the State Police (provided by VRT)

action of the state police

The State Police in Begium is very active on the roads, not only to verbalize the transgressions but also to give a help to automobilists in trouble.

Broadcast date: 09/08/1956

#3 A travers le Bruxelles populaire/Through the popular Brussels (provided by RTBF)

through the popular brussles

Clients in a café tell stories in the different Brussels dialects.

 Broadcast date: 31/03/1974

#4 Valfil (provided by RTBF)

Valfil wire fabric in Seraing is dismantled and transported by boat to China.

Broadcast date: 10/02/1988

#5 25 years paracommando (provided by VRT)


Paracommandos are famous for their interventions in war time. How about the training and the daily life of the paracommandos ?

 Broadcast date: 27/09/1967

#6 Les garçons et les filles/ Boys and girls (provided by RTBF)

video1 prt sc

The celebrations in Brussels : the Saint-Verhaegen on 20 November 1963.

Broadcast date: 04/12/1963

#7 Luttre: train crash / Accident de train (provided by RTBF)


Luttre : aftermaths of a train crash that killed 18 and injured 69.

Broadcast date: 15/08/1974

#8 Jeugdbendes in Genk/ Gangs in Genk (provided by VRT)


The phenomenon of gangs among young migrants in the city of Genk. Their life is conditioned by unemployment and petty crimes. They find a way out in music and dangerous moto competitions. How does justice handle them ?

Broadcast date: 04/09/1980

#9 Teenage street style (provided by RTÉ)


Teenage street style and fashion in late 1980’s Dublin.

Broadcast date: 03/02/1989

#10 Children Street Games and Rhymes (provided by RTÉ)

children's games

Film of children playing on the street in a Dublin housing estate.

Broadcast date: 27/10/1969

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