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EBU/GESAC/ICMP/ECSA recommendation for the licensing of broadcast-related online activities

Four European umbrella organizations: European Broadcasting UnionEuropean Composers and Songwriters AllianceEuropean Grouping of Societies of Authors and Composer and the Global Voice of Music Publishing officially released a recommendation that sets out principles aimed at encouraging the aggregation of rights for the licensing of certain broadcast-related online activities on a cross-border basis.

These principles are pursued to strike a balance between the stakeholders’ interests and objectives to lead to the cross-border licensing of public service broadcasters. The recommendation aims to simplify the basis on which licenses of musical works in the context of “broadcast-related online activities”, i.e. additional online content related to their regular broadcasting services will be implemented within the European Union. As well as promoting a voluntary re-aggregation of rights, the recommendation also underline high levels of transparency for authors/composers and publishers, fair compensation and efficient, modern and non-discriminatory administration arrangements.

Here you can access the Recommendation for the licensing of broadcast-related online activities.


Blog written by Réka Markovich, ELTE University