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What makes good metadata? EUscreen meets Europeana Aggregation team

We all know that good metadata is a love letter to the future – but what makes it good?

At Europeana a Task Force has been set up to look into the tricky question of what defines metadata quality and how it can be improved to ensure maximum discoverability and future re-use. EUscreen, together with selected representatives from archives, memory institutions and other domain aggregators like Europeana Sound, met up with the friendly Europeana Aggregation team at Europeana Foundation in The Hague on the 9th of April to advise on the best course of action.

Topics covered included a definition of quality criteria, factors preventing institutions from providing optimum data, and recommendations on best practice guidelines, tools and training to help providers improve and standardise the quality of their submissions. In this way, Europeana aims to offer better search result to users, enrich the data that is already accessible and thus ultimately to increase research opportunities for the digital heritage domain.

IMGP1537        IMGP1535

If this isn’t a love letter to the future, I don’t know what is.

For more information on Europeana’s stance on metadata, see also

For an example of what Europeana views as good metadata (Provider: RTÉ Archives/EUscreen) see;jsessionid=850E6BB189DCC5527A8F1DF04DAB898F

Blog written by Eve-Marie Oesterlen, EUscreen WP2 lead, British Universities Film and Video Council