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Film Festivals of Europe

One week ago Cannes concluded what was an exciting and fun film festival. Congratulations to all the winners!

The festival inspired us to create a collection of videos about the many film festivals of Europe. Here you’ll find historical moments at Cannes and videos that showcase the range of film and cinema events across Europe. Journey back into the first era of these glamorous celebrations starting with the World Film Festival in Denmark in 1951, to the Cinema week in Venice in 1966, through to the Warsaw Film Festival in 2013. And don’t miss the 4 wonderful short films nominated for the Gaudí Award in 2010!

The collection offers behind the scenes videos about the spectacle of cinema, and offers insights into filmic highlights of the past. Watch the reactions of Cuban politician and revolutionary Fidel Castro as he screens Czechoslovakian films in his hometown Havana, or the discussion between a teen-aged Jean-Pierre Léaud and Francois Truffaut, or just laugh with Monthy Python in Cannes.

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Interview with Jean-Pierre Léaud

Jean-Pierre Léaud discusses filming of “Quatre cents coups” with Francois Truffaut at Cannes. 

INA / France, 1959 [French][05:51]

Fidel Castro in Havana

Fidel Castro at a festival of Czechoslovakian films screened in Havana. 

CT / Czech Republic, 1961 [Czech][00:57]

“Church Of Fear” at the Biennale in Venice

Christoph Schlingensief, agent provocateur of Germany’s art scene, performs with his “Church Of Fear” at the Biennale in Venice. 

DW / Germany, 2003 [German][05:00]

Animated Film Festival in Annecy

Opening of the Animated Film Festival in Annecy. The festival promotes and introduces people to the world of the cinema. 

INA / France, 2005 [French][01:29]

4 great short films

Broadcast of short films nominated for the Gaudí Awards by the Academy of Catalan Cinema 2010: “Chat noir” by Daniel Fibla Anselem; “501” by Laia Fàbregas; “The Jung Archives” by Gemma Ventura, and “(En)terrats” by Àlex Lora. 

TVC / Spain, 2010 [01:08:18]

A day in the life of an up and coming director at the Berlinale

We accompany young Serbian director Stefan Arsenjevic to the 55th Berlinale. He is taking part in the „Lost and Found“ project with eastern European filmmakers. 

DW / Germany, 2005 [German][04:20]

Monthy Python at the Cannes festival  


A crazy interview with the members of Monty Python, including Graham Chapman.

RTBF / Belgium, 1983 [English, with French translation][07:20]

Interview with Jean-Luc Godard  


Jean-Luc Godard talks about “Pierrot le Fou” at the 1965 Venice festival, stressing the links between his film and painting.

INA / France, 1965 [French][03:08]

Walt Disney at the 6th Cannes film festival 


A report covering the 6th Cannes international film festival.

INA / France, 1953 [French][00:36]

The 16th International Film Festival in Karlovy Vary

Tony Curtis, Maja Wodecka, and other stars at the 16th International Film Festival in Karlovy Vary. 

CT / Czech Republic, 1968 [Czech][01:46]

Red carpet glamour

BBC report on the Cannes Film Festival from 1972, with Peter O’Toole and other stars. 

BBC / United Kingdom, 1972 [English][02:36]

“Bread and Milk”

“Bread and Milk” and its director Jan Cvitkovič win the Golden Lion award at the Venice festival. 

RTV SLO / Slovenia, 2001 [Slovenian][08:01]

A lot of smiles!

Interviews with young Romanian filmmakers at the first National Festival of the Film Societies for pioneers. 

TVR / Romania, 1969 [Romanian][03:55]

Man of Hope

The 70th Venice Film festival with the world premiere of Andrzej Wajda’s film Wałęsa: Man of Hope. 

NINA / Poland, 2013 [Polish][28:02]

The World Film festival in Denmark

The Bodil Statuette is awarded to Lisbeth Movin, Sigrid Neiiendam, Kjer and Lau Lauritzen at film festival in World Cinema. 

DR / Denmark, 1952 [Danish][01:04]