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Rare technicolour content on Europeana: A taste of British life from the ’60s & ’70s

Photo source: British Universities Film and Video Council.

As part of its commitment to encouraging access to Europe’s audiovisual heritage, EUscreen is increasing its core collection of items which now numbers over 47,000 and can be freely accessed on the EUscreen portal

As well as expanding the core collection, EUscreenXL is also aggregating its content to Europeana and recent weeks have seen some exciting new material being made available at There are now over 500,000 items of EUscreenXL content to be found via Europeana.

Discover some rare British footage provided by EUscreen partners, the British Universities Film and Video Council (BUFVC) in collaboration with the British Film Institute. Drawn from a cinemagazine series called ‘Roundabout’ these rare Technicolor items were produced by the Central Office of Information between 1962 and 1974 to showcase British manufacturing and promote the ethos of the Commonwealth. They were projected exclusively to cinema audiences in Asia and offer a carefully selected ‘taste of British life.’

As well as clips about life across the Commonwealth, this collections also features cultural propaganda about the ‘British way of life’ check out this passing out parade from military academy Sandhurst in the 1960s, Ascot horse races from 1962 and Opera at Glyndebourne.

See the puppets at the British Toy Fair held in the seaside town of Brighton, find out how orange marmalade is made in Scotland in 1964, and experience the delights of waterskiing.


For this and much, much more, check out the items provided by BUFVC which form part of the EUscreenXL collection on Europeana.