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Faithful and Furry Friends

Photo source: Česká Televize. All rights reserved.

This month’s collection is dedicated to our animals – our faithful and furry friends. They are our companions, our cheerful playmates, and our little helpers.

We understand, comfort, and protect each other; and there’s no doubt that just watching our pets can bring great joy. In this collection you’ll find videos of us and our animals; from the common to the unique and exotic, or even bizarre. Have fun with our selection of cute cats and adorable dogs, cheeky cheetahs and merry monkeys!

See dogs being prepared for the dog show, a crazy Soviet experiment involving a feline and a raptor, new springtime arrivals at Copenhagen Zoo, rescue dogs training in the Alps, a Chimpanzee tea party and lots of advice for pet owners, from health and acupuncture to feeding and grooming!

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Bull race in Bayonne

In Bayonne, daring enthusiasts try to take on bulls.

INA / France, 1951 [00:28]

Chimpanzees enjoying a tea party

Chimpanzees are having a tea party, while a cat, a dog, and rabbits are playing around.

CT / Czech Republic, 1950 [01:43]

Mr. de Potter’s wild pets

A cheetah, a lion, and monkeys live in Mr. de Potter’s park.

RTBF / Belgium, 1964 [02:04]

Rats fan club

In Germany rats are gaining popularity as pets.

DW / Germany, 1995 [03:54]

Cattle stylist

Cattle styling is very popular before cattle sales and exhibitions. These events are like a beauty contest for cows.

ORF / Austria, 2014 [04:22]

Tonček the bear

Encounters with Tonček the bear, near the village of Retje in Loški Potok.

RTV SLO / Slovenia, 2002 [01:00]

Unexpected Motherly Love

In a crazy experiment, Soviet scientist show how much a cat can love her adopted chicks by introducing them to a raptor.

CT / Czech Republic, 1970 [00:51]

Siamese cat and her ten kittens

These siamese kittens certainly are a hand full. Or should that be paw full?

DR / Denmark, 1937 [00:58]

Rabbit show

Furry Rabbits are hopping around at a Danish Rabbit Show.

DR / Denmark, 1939 [00:54]

Dogs for Charity

Small dogs are auctioned off for charity.

Luce / Italy, 1958 [00:38]

Brave Rescue Dogs

German shepherds are trained to save people in the Alps.

INA / France, 1952 [01:04]

Cat Exhibition

Beautiful cats are on display at the cat show at the Tivoli Concert Hall.

DR / Denmark, 1958 [02:03]

Animal acupuncture

Dealing with an anxious pet, the Chinese way.

ORF / Austria, 1987 [05:22]

Springtime at the Copenhagen Zoo

In spring, baby animals are born in the Copenhagen Zoo.

DR / Denmark, 1951 [01:20]

About Dogs

“Dogs” a lifestyle magazine for dogs and their owners gives advice and presents the newest dog accessories.

DW / Germany, 2006 [04:06]

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