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In the Classroom

Photo source: BBC. All rights reserved.

The classroom is a place of learning, but more than that, it’s the place where we take our very first steps towards independence. It’s where we had our first lessons in maths and science, as well as our first insights into the complexities of social life. Regardless of our own personal experiences, the classroom is a part of our memories, and the lessons learned in school a part of ourselves.

This collection is a journey back to your school days. Sit back and remember those important moments. Witness the excitement of the first day of school, learn about the environment in a Hungarian forest, listen to teenagers talk about history, or give their opinion on religion, see how Portuguese students struggled against a dictatorship, explore a variety of school activities – from tennis to modelling, and have fun browsing through the rest of our collection of videos from our shared European heritage.

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Say it as it is

Fifth years students from both rural and urban schools in Ireland speak about the role of religion in their lives.

RTÉ / Ireland, 1998 [02:48]

A look at a Tennis Schools in Romania

Children from primary school learn to play tennis.

TVR / Romania, 1964 [01:10]

The student revolutionaries of Portugal

Jorge Sampaio, the former President of the Portuguese Republic, commemorates the 1962 Academic Crises. He himself took part in the student struggle against the New State dictatorship.

RTP / Portugal, 2007 [01:48]

The merger of East and West

As the 1991/1992 school year gets underway, East and West Berlin pupils are free to attend the same schools.

DW / Germany, 1991 [02:49]

A rainbow school in Austria

This UNESCO award winning Rainbow School in Austria has students from many countries and cultures.

ORF / Austria, 2008 [24:28]

Got to keep moving!

A look at physical education for pre-school children.

RTV SLO / Slovenia, 1964 [04:09]

The first day of school in 1950

It’s the first day of school for these proud children at Prague’s Stalin School in the fall of 1950. From now on they will be raised in the communist spirit.

CT / Czech Republic, 1950 [01:31]

A school for aspiring models

At this modeling school the students learn the social graces, art history, fashion, make-up, how to look elegant while getting out of a car seat, and how to look happy no matter the circumstances.

BBC / United Kingdom, 1960 [05:08]

Learning about the environment at a forest school in Hungary

Popular science programme about forest schools that play an important role in educating children on the environment.

NAVA / Hungary, 2006 [26:16]

History, Histoire, Geschichte

A very interesting comparison of responses from students from England, France and Germany to pictures of characters from the history of twentieth-century Europe.

TVC / Spain, 1994 [06:43]

New audiovisual teaching technologies in Belgium

Teaching of the Dutch language using an audiovisual method, a recorder and slides.

RTBF / Belgium, 1970 [01:27]

Schoolboys wash clothes and cook

Schoolboys learning to wash clothes and cook in the school kitchen in Denmark in 1935.

DR / Denmark, 1935 [01:14]

Theatre of reading

A teacher reading to his class at this “Theatre of reading”: an initiative for students of vocational schools.

TVP / Poland, 1987 [01:49]

The most important part of the school day: the siesta

This educational experiment at a primary school in Vanves consists of a system of automatic folding beds where 38 little girls have a daily siesta.

INA / France, 1958 [01:04]

A look at English Boarding schools

This edited colour and black and white film shows the Buckinghamshire, Berkshire and Hampshire countryside following the River Thames, and shows displays by some of the students at the local boarding schools.

Screen Archive South East / United Kingdom, 1948 [08:09]

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