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Welcome to MyEUscreen!


We are proud to share that our new open access tools for contextualization of audiovisual archival materials are in place. MyEUscreen – a personal homepage where you can save your favourite content, make audiovisual collections, create video posters with our tools for digital curation, and share your creations and bookmarks is now available.

MyEUscreen, developed by an international team from University of Utrecht, Aalto University and Noterik, is part of the EUscreen portal, currently offering more than 60.000 film and television clips, photos, audio recordings and documents from archives across Europe. The portal brings together clips that provide an insight into the social, cultural, political and economic events that have shaped the 20th and 21st centuries.

MyEUscreen provides our diverse groups of users – project members and visitors alike, and particularly professionals in the archival domain, researchers and teachers in the disciplines of media and history – with the possibility to actively engage with EUscreen’s curated high quality content.

It allows users to bookmark their favorite items and create publications with and about the materials accessible on, and to present, comment on and reuse material accessible on the EUscreen portal and mix it with content from other platforms, like YouTube and Vimeo.

Example of a Video Poster

Please visit our EUscreen help page for more information and watch our three short video tutorials that explain the different functionalities of MyEUscreen. You can find tutorials on bookmarking videos and creating collections, creating a video poster, and sharing collections and video posters with other MyEUscreen users.

Give it a try and share your impressions with us via!