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Technology and Innovation

This video collection is dedicated to mankind’s inventions! Humans are constantly thinking of ways to improve themselves and the way they interact with their environment. A lot of these efforts have led to really useful pieces of technology that are used by all of us. Can you imagine life without telephones, internet, or videogames? Still, a lot of inventions might have seem useful at the time, but are just funny if you look at them now.

We’ve made a selection of clips about the most helpful, intriguing and fascinating inventions of the last decades. While technology is often taken for granted, these videos will bring you back to the time when big, and small, inventions were presented to the world. We hope you enjoy it!

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First mobile phone launch

First mobile phone
Chairman of Telecom Éireann Michael Smurfit launches the new mobile telephone system in the National Concert Hall in Dublin

RTÉ/Ireland 1985 [01:54]

Glass helmet to protect against the smog

A Londoner invented a glass helmet with an electric fan which is supposed to protect her against the smog in the city.

LUCE/Italy 1959 [00:41]

Bionic Arm

A Viennnese company developed a dynamic arm that can replace limbs of a patient.

ORF/Austria 2004 [05:22]

Wrist radio

Wrist radio
Item about the wrist radio: a watch-like device that allows for communication at a distance.

LUCE/Italy 1952 [00:53]

Partner selection through electrons

Wrist radio
Partner selection via a computer at the “electron” marriage institute in Zurich. The computer helps to select the most suitable partner.
Memoriav-SRF/Switzerland 1965 [01:12]

Motor driven spade

Michel Durieux has invented a motor-driven spade. He explains how his invention works.

RTBF/Belgium 1993 [01:05]

Electronic books

Electronic books allows one to store hundreds of books in one device. BBC presenter Declan Curry discusses the technology.

BBC/United Kingdom 2008 [05:16]

Perfect outfitter

A report about a new invention which should put an end to the misery of finding clothes that should fit.

BBC/United Kingdom 1998 [01:42]

Card-playing computer

An item about a computer that is programmed to play a popular Austrian card game against a person.

ORF/Austria 1971 [03:17]


Phone of the future


At the National Centre for Telecommunications Studies, new automatic terminals allow people to call one another without having to rely on an operator, and the devices’ sound quality is improved.

INA/France 1960 [02:47]

Hydrogen technoly in cars

On the Hydrogen Congress in Stuttgart, the hydrogen-powered cars are displayed. The cars are fuel-efficient, but the technology remains controversal among experts.

DW/Germany 1996 [03:36]

Laser technology to improve sight

In this program, the ability to improve one’s sight by using laser lights is demonstrated.

TVC/Spain 2009 [21:58]

The smart home

Intelligent technology can be used to improve life in the home. The clip prospects the high tech home of the year 2015.

DW/Germany 1998 [06:09]

Virtual Irish pub

Virtual Irish pub
In the 1990s, the use of internet grew rapidly. It’s potential for the tourism sector is demonstrated by the virtual Irish pub, an online pub in which ‘guests’ from all over the world can talk to each other.

RTÉ/Ireland 1995 [01:20]

The latest inventions


A report that focuses on the latest French inventions, such as the “machine-operated rug beater” and the US military’s latest invention, the “rocket belt”.

INA/France 1961 [01:08]


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