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Video Collection: Cities

Skylines, sights, and city life. In this video collection, you will see what Athens looked like in 1936 or Lisbon in 1960. A collection of 23 videos from the EUscreen Portal featuring 23 different cities!

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Amsterdam 1945

This holiday film follows the Hinchliff family on holiday in the Netherlands.

Provider: Screen Archive South East / United Kingdom 1945

Athens 1936

A film about Athens and its surroundings.

Provider: Kungliga biblioteket / Sweden 19367

Barcelona 1991

Portrait of Barcelona.

Provider: Deutsche Welle / Germany 1991

Berlin 2008

Portrait of Berlin, one of the hippest towns in Europe.

Provider: Deutsche Welle / Germany 2008

Brussels 1971

Brussels early morning. There is no sign of life. At 5 a.m., bus drivers arrive at the bus station.

Provider: RTBF / Belgium 1971

Bucharest 1963

School organised a bus trip in Bucharest visiting the National Military Circle, the University of Bucharest, the Agricultural Institute, The Arch of Triumph.

Provider: TVR / Romania 1963

Budapest 2005

Anthropologist researcher Dr. Péter Niedermüller presents his analyses of urban lifestyles drawing parallels between Budapest and other European big cities.

Provider: NAVA / Hungary 2005

Copenhagen 1934

Take a flight over Copenhagen in 1934, which you can see Vor Frue Church, Christiansborg, City Hall, the Marble Church, Amalienborg and Tuborg Brewery.

Provider: DR / Denmark 1934

Dublin 1966

Visual impressions and vocal opinions of the city of Dublin.

Provider: RTÉ / Ireland 1966

Helsinki 1940

Shoot from the streets of Helsinki.

Provider: DR / Denmark 1940

Kiev 1957

Czech tourists have arrived in Kiev to see local attractions and sights.

Provider: CT / Czech Republic 1957

Lisbon 1960

A report on the city of Lisbon with visits to the main buildings and neighborhoods.

Provider: INA / France 1960

Ljubljana 1963

Ljubljana – city hustle and bustle after the summer holidays.

Provider: RTV SLO / Slovenia 1963

London 1936

A film about London.

Provider: Kungliga biblioteket / Sweden 1936

Oslo 1937

A film about Oslo and its surroundings.

Provider: Kungliga biblioteket / Sweden 1937

Paris 1971

A family touring the city of Paris with its famous landmarks including the Eiffel Tower, Arc du Triomphe, Arc de Triomphe du Carrousel and the Louvre Museum.

Provider: Screen Archive South East / United Kingdom 1971

Prague 1964

Black-and-white silent footage of Prague.

Provider: CT / Czech Republic 1964

Riga 1929

A film about Riga.

Provider: Kungliga biblioteket / Sweden 1929

Rome 1931

Views of Rome filmed by Ernest Shippam in 1931, followed by portraits of a nun – Sister Joachim in a chapel garden.

Provider: Screen Archive South East / United Kingdom 1931

Stockholm 1933

A film about Stockholm and its water.

Provider: Kungliga biblioteket / Sweden 1933

Venice 1956

Highlights of a three-day visit to Venice, by Gilbert and Mary Tomes aboard a gondola, touring the Piazzas, Campi and historical buildings along the Grand Canal.

Provider: Screen Archive South East / United Kingdom 1956

Vienna 2006

Some of the most beautiful places in the historic first district of Vienna.

Provider: ORF / Austria 2006

Warsaw 1964

Warsaw in the spring.

Provider: TVP / Poland 1964