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Radio-television Vojvodina on Europeana

We are very happy to announce that as of this month twenty-five items of Radio-television Vojvodina became available on the portal of Europeana. Working together with Radio-television Vojvodina was a great pleasure and we are pleased to have helped with aggregating their selected content onto Europeana. We asked Jolan Stefanovic, chief documentarist at Radio-television Vojvodina, to tell us a bit more about her institution and the process of making their collection available online.

Radio-television of Vojvodina 

Radio-television Vojvodina (RTV) is a public broadcaster in the Autonomous Province of Vojvodina in the Republic of Serbia. RTV is broadcasting its programs on three radio and two television channels. These programs are aimed at an audience in no less than ten languages of different ethnic minorities living in the area of Vojvodina and Serbia.

The radio program was first aired on 29 November 1949 in its capital, Novi Sad. The TV program started through the channel of TV Belgrade in Hungarian, twenty years later in 1969. From 1975 onward RTV was broadcasted from the Novi Sad TV building. From then on both radio and television channels were available in five languages: Serbian, Hungarian, Romanian, Ruthenian and Slovak. After 1990 more languages were added, such as: Ukrainian, Roma, Macedonian, Croatian and Bunjevian. As of last year German was added to the already extensive list of languages.

The process of aggregating

The content that is published and shared illustrate the history of events and happenings in the area of Vojvodina in the 1970’s. For example when Football Club Vojvodina won the Middle European Football Cup in 1977. Another fine example of a video that is published is one where we learn more about Hungarian folk songs.

The work process, through the MINT mapping tool, was complicated to follow at first. Thanks to the web department of RTV, all the tasks that needed to be  fulfilled were managed and thus the collection was published on Europeana. This development is very valuable for the community of Vojvodina.

In the gallery below you will find a selection of the videos made available on the portal of Europeana. To see these and other videos of Radio-television Vojvodina – click here.