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Video Collection: Sports Activities

The Danish kangaroo bike, a popular folk sport and old clips of the Tour de France. In this video collection, you can see different sports in action, with videos dating from 1936 to 2009. A collection of nine videos from the EUscreen portal featuring an abundance of sports activities!

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A women’s football match: Rome vs. Milan

Commentary of a women football match between teams from Rome and Milan.

Provider: LUCE, Italy – 1970

A Danish invention: the kangaroo bike

In 1936 the Danish invented the kangaroo bike.

Provider: DR, Denmark – 1936

Ski jumping in Slovenia

A report from Planica in Slovenia where a contest in ski jumping takes place.

Provider: RTV SLO, Slovenia – 1963

Football: will France beat England? 

A summary of a football match between France and England.

Provider: INA, France – 1945


Czech TV encourages its viewers to do more sports with the show: “Let’s do some exercises!”.

Provider: CT, Czech Republic – 1972

Why this folk sport is popular in Austria 

In Austria, throwing horseshoes is a popular folk sport. 

Provider: ORF, Austria – 1981

Children playing the streets in downtown Barcelona 

A serie about Barcelona’s street football players.

Provider: TV3 Televisió de Catalunya, Spain – 2006

Tour de France: the final stages  

The final stages of the Tour de France in 1948.

Provider: INA, France – 1948

 Why are tennis balls hairy?

Discover the science behind tennis.

Provider: TV3 Televisió de Catalunya, Spain – 2009