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Top 5 Archive-Based Films Selected by the Expert

A truly special list  all coming from the archive of Czech Television, as archivist Martin Bouda lets us know his top archive-based films and series.

1.  The uncertain future of the earth in the Sci-Fi series Návštěvníci (Visitors)”

This 15 part TV series is filmed between 1981 and 1983, by Czech director Jindřich Polák. With a great script, actors and great title music the serie was successful all over Europe.

2. The inspirational hospital series “Nemocnice na kraji města (Hospital at the End of the City)”

Produced from 1977 – 1981, “Nemocnice na kraji města was one of the first medical series ever. With this series the popularity of this kind of genre began, not only in Czech Republic, but in many other countries.

3. Immensely popular stop-motion animation series “Pat a Mat”  

This animated series first appeared in 1976 and was at first produced for Czechoslovak TV Bratislava. When the series became popular it was also produced for Czech TV. The main characters of the series are two handymen, Pat and Mat, who are inventive but extremely clumsy. As of 2015, 91 episodes of the show have been produced, and it has been syndicated in a large number of countries due to its lack of dialogue.

4. A fiction based fairy tale “Fairy-tale at Krkonose Mountains”

This 20 parts fiction-series entails short feature episodes that ran from 1974 to 1984. It is still enormously popular in Czech Republic among children.

5. The great European epic “Dobrodružství kriminalistiky (The Adventure of Criminalistics)” 

With 4 seasons (26 episodes) – this great epic European co-production is about history of criminalistics. The series follows the pioneers of criminalistics across four centuries, the viewer becomes a witness to groundbreaking discoveries that forever changed the world of crime-fighting. From fingerprints to forensic ballistics, from Vidocq to Pinkerton.