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Stories of Migration: People on the Move

Migration is a powerful driving force that is constantly changing the face of Europe. It shapes the economic, political and social relations and touches many of us on a very personal level. On this year’s International Migrants Day, we’d like to share some of the migration stories that are captured in the EUscreen collection.

We have been inspired by the People on the Move online exhibition curated on the Europeana portal. It’s a wonderful resource that explores the many different facets of migration – the movement of people in search for better prospects, the lives of individuals who have achieved great heights in careers abroad and the inspiring migrant communities who have created new lives for themselves but still remained closely connected to their roots.

Inspired by the exhibition, for this month’s collection highlights we have selected videos from the EUscreen collections that resonate with these themes on migration.


Emigration from Jamaica to Britain

BBC reporter Christopher Chataway reports from Jamaica where many people are considering migration to Britain. The report looks at their expectations for the life abroad and the efforts of the British government to help them prepare for the move.

Provider: BBC, the United Kingdom – 1958
Language: English

The new members of the Schengen Area

In 2007, nine new European countries joined the Schengen area, most of them from the former Communist block. This was a major step towards achieving the goal of free movement across Europe. 

Provider: INA, France- 2007
Language: French


Africa: there and back

The programme explores the lives of Senegalese immigrants installed in Catalonia and their relations to their home country Senegal. 

Provider: TV3 Televisió de Catalunya (TVC), Spain – 2004
Language: Catalan; Valencian

Beyond Gaudi

The programme is devoted to a unique Japanese community in Catalonia. Even after moving halfway across the world, the Japanese immigrants stay deeply connected to their culture and traditions and are eager to impart it to the locals.    

Provider: TV3 Televisió de Catalunya (TVC)  – 2003
Language: Catalan; Valencian


Lucien Hervé, light architect of the soul

The documentary tells the story of Lucien Hervé, an internationally acclaimed Hungarian photographer. The artists worked across Europe (notably in Paris where he collaborated with Le Corbusier) and went on to achieve international recognition for his unique style for architectural photography.

Provider: NAVA, Hungary – 2010
Language: Hungarian (English subtitles)

Hugo Haas in Prague

In this interview, Hugo Haas, a Czech film actor, director, and writer, shares memories from his career home and abroad. After a forced migration in 1939, Haas moved to the US and established himself as a highly valued artist in Hollywood.  

Provider: CT, Czech Republic  – 1963
Language: Czech



Growing old away from home

This documentary follows the life of Dutch citizens who emigrated to far away countries after the Second World War. Many of them have left their homes as children but they still feel homesick for the Netherlands and try to keep the connection with their roots.

Provider: NISV, the Netherlands, 1984
Language: Dutch

To Athens with a dream

The documentary explores how urbanisation and migration have changed the face of Athens. It contains moving testimonials of people who came to Athens to build new lives for themselves and their families.

Provider: ERT SA, Greece  – 2001
Language: Greek

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