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IAMHIST Symposium “Standing in the Way of White Noise: Preserving Television History”

On 25 January 2019, The International Association for Media and History (IAMHIST) and our network partner Centre National de l’Audiovisuel (CNA) hosted the symposium “Standing in the Way of White Noise: Preserving Television History”. Heritage professionals and researchers met to explore the latest preservation, access and reuse practices and research possibilities for television and film collections. We were invited to the event to present EUscreen and discuss how it connects and provides access to Europe’s audiovisual heritage.

It was a day filled with inspiring talks and presentations. We were especially thrilled to see that the majority of the speakers were also EUscreen network members presenting their most recent work. Alessandra Luciano (CNA) kicked off the meeting giving an overview of CNA’s archival treasures, including a prominent television collection. Prof. Dr. John Ellis (Royal Holloway University of London) presented his work done under the ADAPT project investigating the history of television production technologies from 1960-2010 (see our previous blog post about the project).

Prof. Dr. Andreas Fickers and Andy O’Dwyer (University of Luxembourg, C²DH) showed their video essay on an experimental media archaeology journey ‘On the road again.’  Prof. Fickers was also a vivid collaborator of a binaural radio play on the history of 3D sound recording, developed at the University of Luxembourg, C²DH and presented at the event. Last but not least, Dana Mustata representing the FIAT/FIAT Media Studies Commission talked about the possible use of audiovisual archives for academic studies, mentioning VIEW Journal as one of the platforms for collaboration.

The latter was also discussed in Maja Drabczyk (FINA) and Johan Oomen’s (NISV) presentation on EUscreen. Apart from VIEW Journal, they introduced the EUscreen network and showcased the most recent EUscreen and Europeana-related initiatives aimed at making audiovisual heritage more available and searchable, also for research purposes.

See the presentation slides below to learn more.

[slideshare id=129339877&doc=euscreeniamhistpresentation20190125-190126103443&w=650&h=450]

Photo credits: Romain Girtgen, CNA.