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Theatre in Europe – told by the archives

The theatre arts capture the essence of our societies, traditions, and culture. Although live performances end, the plays themselves live on as long as they are cherished and shared across generations. They are preserved through repeat performance, described in books, or captured on film and stored in archives. We’re proud to present these theatrical memories from the past, made available again through the EUscreen catalogue.

We selected a series of clips about European theatre from the last decades. These are just a few suggestions, feel free to search our collection for more using our brand new AV player, recently implemented through the Europeana Media project. Enjoy!

Interview with Dame Peggy Ashcroft

Dame Peggy Ashcroft, one of Britain’s top stage actresses, on why she chose the theatre over TV.


*Creator: BBC/United Kingdom, 1956 [English][02:20]

La Divina

A report on current trends in contemporary Polish theater.


*Creator: NINA/Poland 2010 [Polish][26:13]

Dario Fo at the Comédie Française

Dario Fo stages Molière’s “The Flying Doctor” at the Comédie Française, in the tradition of the Commedia dell arte.


*Creator: INA/France, 1990 [French][01:32]

Twenty years of the Centre Dramatique de l'Est

The creation of the Centre Dramatique de l’Est in 1947 is testimony to the decentralization of the theatre after the war, and this theatre continues to thrive.


*Creator:INA/France 1968 [French][04:50]

Interview with Radu Beligan

Radu Beligan talks about the tournament of the Comedy Theatre in Paris.


*Creator: TVR/Romania 1965 [Romanian][01:45]

Night and Day

The Burchill School of Dancing performing in a show called ‘Night and Day’ at the Gaiety Theatre, Dublin in 1953.

*Creator: RTÉ / Ireland 1953 [English][02:43]