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EUscreen celebrates UNESCO’s World Day for Audiovisual Heritage by promoting the use of audiovisual archives for education with a dedicated page to Education Resources.

Screenshot “Education Resources” section on EUscreen

The 27th of October marks the annual celebration of the World Day for Audiovisual Heritage. To celebrate this occasion, EUscreen is excited to announce the launch of its new section on the portal: Education Resources. With this new section, EUscreen promotes the use of audiovisual archives and digital cultural heritage as educational tools and resources in the classrooms. 

The nature of learning continues to change as traditional education evolves into new scenarios. From traditional classrooms to online environments, these changes call for new learning methodologies with innovative educational materials, based on more visuals and moving images. 

As a result, educators “need innovative educational resources that are engaging, reliable and of high quality, that help students to acquire competencies, and are easy to use, adapt and develop*. With this in mind, the EUscreen Foundation, alongside Europeana and fellow institutions, has made great efforts to participate in and contribute to various collaborative projects to raise awareness of the use of audiovisual materials and digital cultural heritage in classrooms. 

Recently, the Audiovisual Material in Europeana Classroom Task Force worked in identifying both opportunities and challenges faced by educators and audiovisual collection holders when trying to place audiovisual content in an educational context. Learn more about the outcomes of the Task Force and their newly published White Paper on Audiovisual Material in Europeana Classroom here.

Screenshot “Education Resources” section on EUscreen

The use of AV archives in education and learning

EUscreen has a call-to-action: Are you a teacher, a cultural heritage professional or a learner interested in innovative education activities? We invite you to explore the new section and discover new educational resources and activities that can fuel learning experiences in the classroom. EUscreen welcomes individuals and organisations within the educational sector to search and use the available content on the portal to create and implement high-quality education content and activities.

Questions? Get in touch with us via email, we’re happy to help you out!   And remember to stay tuned for more projects and resources!

*Europeana for Education and Learning, Policy Recommendations. May 2015. Europeana Foundation