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Curators, archivists, and researchers have selected content to develop exhibitions around specific themes. Virtual exhibitions encompass light-hearted explorations of everyday life as a European citizen, as well as in-depth explorations of cultural, social, and political issues ranging from the development of television in Europe to the Velvet Revolution.

These exhibitions bring a storyline approach to the diverse collection of audiovisual heritage materials and provide a narrative context for original source materials from different cultural spheres and eras. They cover historical events, political debates, and everyday life in Europe.

The tools designed for these exhibitions allow insertion of multimedia materials from all the content providers.

The clips link back to the original items on the site, where users can find out more about them, share the links or get in touch with the providers.

23 exhibitions with multiple strands have been produced since 2012.

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Video collections

EUscreen has made thousands of videos available on our website. With so much content in our collection, we have curated some of our favourite and rarest items based on a common theme or topic in order to tackle the challenges of curation and contextualisation.