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In this activity, students are introduced to three individuals who witnessed and experienced life in borderland regions. They are asked to find out more about each of the individuals who took part in the IN BETWEEN? project films, and are encouraged to learn more about their social, political,  economical and cultural backgrounds. The archival films tell borderland stories from three different parts of Europe: the Polish-Lithuanian borderland,  Mostar, and the Cross-catalan region. These stories come from different time periods but are connected through the same keywords: mobility, neighbourhood, borderland. By analysing footage that depicts a variety of personal stories, students learn what everyday life looked like in different parts of Europe between the two world wars. They develop critical thinking skills, including those involved in working with archival resources.

General information

Target group

suitable for students aged 13-18


short self-playing presentation

Estimated time 

The version described in the materials took two forty-five minute lessons, with some work done by students at home in between classes. However, the time can be shortened or prolonged, depending on the teacher’s own needs and ideas.

Learning goals 

  • Identify how change occurs over time
  • Identify key ideas and events that define change in a particular place or region over time – explain historical continuity and change
  • Identify gaps in available resources
  • Critically analyse and synthesize information into clear and concise units of information – filter and evaluate information (prioritising)
  • Obtain a wider view of the situation in Europe in the interwar period



To conduct the activity, you will use this prepared package of learning materials:

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Information packs introducing you to the three case studies

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Selected personal stories from the case studies (AV)

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. Step-by-step activity plan

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Infographics on archival search for beginners

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Set of visuals that will help you run the tasks