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The purpose of this task is to encourage a critical understanding of narratives made by other people, in this case the individuals who made the In Between? videos and took part in the creation of each of the three films. The authors of the three films focused on the past and memories, but the fact that the movies were made in the present gives the viewer the chance to compare the “now and then” perspectives. The task is primarily designed to help students realise that everything they hear and see is a narrative someone created to show and comment on the world (either the present or the past) from a particular perspective. Students will have to study not only the contents of the film, but also the way it was edited by the authors: What is pictured in the film? What words are used when describing the past and present? What pictures were selected to illustrate those words? In addition, with the help of the Information Packages, the students will be able to further explore and fact check the information presented in the films.

General information

Target group

suitable for students aged 12-18


Three presentations giving a critical overview of the three films, underlining the way the topic was presented in each of them.

Estimated time 

2 lessons of 45 min

The version described in the materials took two forty-five minute lessons

Learning goals 

  • Show multiperspectivity of the events
  • Differentiate facts from opinion
  • Stress the importance of a critical approach to source materials
  • Explain historical continuity and change
  • Synthesize information into clear and concise units of information
  • Obtain a wider view of the situation in Europe in the interwar period



To conduct the activity, you will use this prepared package of learning materials:

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Information packs introducing you to the three case studies

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Infographics on archival search for beginners

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Step-by-step activity plan

Sketching Icon

Set of visuals that will help you run the tasks