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EUscreen workshop on user requirements in Amsterdam

A workshop on user requirements has been held on March 31 in Amsterdam at the venue of Noterik. The workshop was attended by members of the working group on new services development and business models, technical partners and task leaders of Work Package 5, Use Case Development. The meeting was led by András Bálint Kovács from ELTE University and work package leader of WP5.

Aim of the workshop was to gain more insight in the user requirements for the various user groups of EUscreen. Preliminary to the workshop, focus groups and surveys have been held amongst the different user groups. The results of this research have been discussed during the meeting and provided the basis for the list of user requirements. The next step will be to translate these requirements into a first design of the EUscreen portal, which is scheduled to be online in January 2011.

The workshop also provided input for the market survey that is conducted by The Netherlands Institute for Sound and Vision. Parts of this market survey will become available online on in the course of May 2010.