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License to remix! video remix workshop

Press release from TAIK/ Aalto University School of Art and Design

Date: 19-21 November
Place: Harju Youth Centre, Helsinki

The Remix Helsinki initiative supports legal creative reuse of audiovisual materials. Our first event, License to remix! video remix workshop, will be organized between 19 and 21 November at the Harju Youth Centre. The workshop promotes creative re-use, remixing and sharing of open audiovisual content. In addition to hands-on remixing, their will also be a discussion about intellectual property rights issues.

Public events are organized on Friday and Sunday. The languages used in the workshop are Finnish and English, while the presentations in the public events are in Finnish (with English summaries). On Friday, there will be short presentations related to remix culture, and on Sunday the videos created in the workshop will be presented.

The workshop is organized by Sanna Marttila, Andrew Gryf Paterson, Kati Hyyppä and Anne Luotonen from Aalto University School of Art and Design. VJ PHOQ (XPLOITEC) also provides his creative support for the workshop. If you have any questions or are interested in participating in the workshop please email to You are of course welcome to the public events without prior registration.

The workshop is done in collaboration with EUscreen, the City of Helsinki Youth Department and Pixelversity (Pixelache).

For more information and a detailed programme see: