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VLAANDEREN INgeBEELD – a study day in Flanders for teachers about the use of digital media in class

By Sally Reynolds

This study day took place on 9 November and attracted about 250 teachers from all different levels of formal education in Dutch-speaking Belgium. The idea behind the day was to introduce teachers to the highly innovative platform, INgeBEELD 4, which is aimed at enhancing the media literacy skills of pupils and teachers alike throughout the country.  Philippe Van Meerbeeck from VRT was one of the speakers and organisers of this day and used the opportunity to highlight the ways in which the digital archive being made available by VRT through the large-scale Vlaanderen in Beeld (VLIB) initiative can and is being used to support learning. The brand-new VLIB portal was also shown to participating teachers who were invited to try-out the portal for themselves during this highly practice-oriented study day.