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First names confirmed for the Second EUscreen International Conference on Use and Creativity

EUscreen will be holding its Second International Conference on Use and Creativity from 15-16 September 2011. Host of the conference will be the National Library of Sweden, which is located in the Humlegården park in Stockholm.

Attendance is free but on-line registration is required at the following address:

Conference programme:

At the international conference, EUscreen will discuss the online potential of European television heritage. The conference will explore creative approaches to enhance online accessibility of European television heritage. The goal is to expand methods to reach a wide range of users and to increase their engagement with online heritage materials. The conference programme consists of a plenary session with keynotes and case studies by renowned experts in the field.

On the second day of the programme, attendees will take part in two workshops. The first workshop is about EUscreen’s user community and how EUscreen services can be exploited with the objectives of learning, research, leisure/cultural heritage and creative reuse in mind. The second workshop will be on exploring funding opportunities and devising sustainable business models for the digitisation of audio-visual material.

Confirmed speakers:

Please go to for programme updates and make sure to register in time for this event!