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Third EUscreen Conference: Conference Programme

For those spending time with us next week at the EUscreen conference, hosted at Budapest’s ELTE University, here’s the final conference programme. For those who cannot attend, as we did for the previous conferences, we will make sure to write reports about what’s being said and done. Soon, after the conference, video registrations of all sessions will be made available on our webcast site. Have you not registered yet? Go to For info about logistics, visit ELTE’s conference site at

Thursday 13th September

  • 09.30 – Opening and welcome

Key note lectures

  • 09.45 – Lynn Spigel (Northwestern University, USA): TV Snapshots: An Archive of Everyday Life
  • 10.30 – Wilfried Runde (Deutsche Welle, DE): Media Game Changers – Social Media and Data-driven Journalism

11.15    Coffee break

  • 11.45 – Eggo Muller (Utrecht University, NL): Television Heritage Online: From Accessible to Participatory Archives
  • 12.30 – Round table (chair: Sonja de Leeuw, Utrecht University)

13.00    Lunch break

EUscreen showcase

  • 14.00 – EUscreen achievements. (Coordinator feat. WP leaders)
  • 15.10 – eJournal presentation. (Andreas Fickers, Maastricht University)
  • 15.30 – EUscreen Virtual Exhibitions

16.30 – Conclusion of the day (Sonja de Leeuw, Utrecht University)

Friday 14th September

Workshop: EUscreen best practice applications showcase. The exploitation of broadcast material in the field of learning, research, leisure/cultural heritage and creative reuse.

  • 09.30 – Opening and welcome

Key note lecture

  • 09.45 – Jamie Harley (FR): Rearranging the Past – Found footage videos today

Case studies

  • 10.30 – Irina Negraru (TVR, RO) and Dana Mustata (Groningen University, NL): Television History Goes East: TVR’s Heritage in EUscreen
  • 10.50 –  Aleksander Lavrenčič and Katja Šturm (TV Slovenja, SI): The Portal 20 Years of Slovenia: Gallery of Documents, Stories and Memories
  • 11.10 – Xavier Jacques-Jourion (RTBF, BE): Exploring the past: web experiments at RTBF

11.30    Coffee break

  • 11.50 – Attila Nemes (Kitchen Budapest, HU): Remote Life: Video Based Artistic Research and Future Scenarios for ICT
  • 12.30 – Panel discussion (chair: András Bálint Kovács, ELTE)

13.00 – Closing of the Conference (Sonja de Leeuw, Utrecht University)