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EUscreenXL Conference in Rome

EUscreenXL gathered in Rome for our conference on the users and usage of audiovisual archives: “From Audience to User: Engaging with Audiovisual Heritage Online”. In this series of blog posts, we want to fill you in on what happened.

Conference notes I: The Three R’s of Archival Video

Conference notes II: Archival case studies that inspire

Conference notes III: To crowdsource a Faustian dilemma

Conference notes IV: What users finally want

Conference presentations

The presentations from the Conference are available on EUscreen SlideShare profile.


For archivists, broadcasters, educators and anyone publishing content online, attracting audiences and engaging users with content is a key issue. Heritage projects and collection holders work hard at increasing the amount of available digital heritage content that users can engage with. This conference aims to lift the veil on knowing how and why users interact with digital resources.

Having a better grasp on formulas for a functional web presence helps inform audiovisual archives what strategies work best to develop sustainable communities. Engaging users means inviting them to participate: in archival projects, in enriching collections and in disseminating their content. A user-oriented approach is crucial for both promoting online content and for developing sustainable futures for projects and institutions in the heritage sector.

During the conference From Audience to User: Engaging with Audiovisual Heritage Online, the EUscreen network addressed the current challenges for online cultural heritage initiatives and discuss them with archivists, scholars of cultural – and particularly audiovisual – heritage, web designers, data specialists and policy makers.

The aim

The Conference main focus was put on:

  • How to increase usage and and encourage engagement of the users

  • How to approach different types of users with audiovisual content

  • How to build and engage sustainable communities with online content

Day 2 of the conference was dedicated to interactive workshops on IPR and user experience as well as to meetings of the networks of academics dedicated to the AV sector.

Accompanying events:

29 Oct 2014 – EUscreenXL General Assembly

29 Oct 2014 – The European (Post)Socialist Television History Network Meeting

01 Nov 2014 – VIEW Editorial Board Meeting

Call for Papers