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Slovenian archives celebrate International Archives Day

On June 9th, 2007 the International Council on Archives launched International Archives Day. It was established to raise awareness of the importance of records and archives and highlight the necessity to preserve archives for the long-term.

Archivists and archives all around Slovenia organized numerous events to celebrate the day. On Friday June 6th, the Archives of the Republic of Slovenia hosted an event and leading Slovenian regional archives participated including Historical Archives of Ljubljana, Regional Archives In Nova Gorica, Regional Archives In Koper, Historical Archives Of Celje, Historical Archives Of Ptuj and Regional Archives In Maribor along with Archiepiscopal Archives from Ljubljana. A wide range of events took place like a presentation of the Dalmatin’s Bible (16th century) restoration process and ceremonies honoring the 100th anniversary of the beginning of the First World War.

The archivists from RTV Slovenia presented their view on public sector awareness of the necessity to preserve archives for the long-term. Additionally, they talked about the need to provide access to archives which led to their collaboration and enrollment in the EUscreenXL project.

SAMSUNG                SAMSUNG

As the event also commemorated the 100th anniversary of the beginning of the First World War speakers from RTV Slovenia, Katja Šturm and Aleksander Lavrenčič presented clips and other archival material regarding the First World War, available on the EUscreen portal. After a short presentation of the EUscreenXL project and portal, a clip about uncovering mines and explosive devices from WW1 in the Soča riverbed and mountain lakes was showed and discussed:


The archivists from RTV Slovenia showcased other First World War Clip as well as presented clips about archival activity of their institution, e.g. How we started in our Archiving Department:


 Blog written by Katja Šturm, RTV Slovenia.