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Let’s rediscover the sounds of Europe!

With this post we are starting a new series through which we would like to introduce you to projects that we observe and support. They all share the common objective – they aim to connect, contribute and create in order to bring more awareness to digital heritage. Today we give you Europeana Sounds.

Europeana Sounds – EUscreenXL sister project dedicated to sounds – has recently released a teaser video, showcasing Europe’s sound archives to be unlocked and joined online.

Europeana Sounds Teaser from Europeana Sounds on Vimeo.

A ground-breaking project supported by the European Commission, Europeana Sounds was launched one year ago. Its primary goal is to offer a much needed gateway to Europe’s sound and music heritage, from music and radio programmes, to spoken word, environment, and sound effects recordings.

Indeed by January 2017, the project will significantly increase audio and audio-related content accessible online through a dedicated Europeana channel. Through thematic channels, you will be able to search and experience the recordings easily and intuitively, and interact with your acoustic heritage for example by tagging or describing the items.

Europeana Sounds organises its first international conference on Friday 2 October 2015 at the National Library of France, in Paris.


You are more than welcome to attend and join them for this conference! Stay tuned for more information.