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Women’s Rights in Europe

In honour of the International Women’s Day, we’re celebrating the women who fought for women’s rights in Europe. This collection of videos from various European broadcaster archives highlights the struggles to achieve gender equality, both in our past and in the present, and show scenes from the lives of European women – philosophers, businesswomen, artists, politicians, activists, and workers. 

Liberty, Work, Education



A congress of socialist women from Cyprus, France, Greece, Malta, Portugal, Spain and Italy debating gender inequality in Europe.

Luce/Italy 1975 [01:07]

Businesswomen in Spain



Down on the farm. Run by entrepreneurial women.

TVC/Spain 2008 [26:55]

De Beauvoir and feminism



A fascinating interview with Simone de Beauvoir, arguably the most influential feminist philosopher of all time.

INA/France 1975 [05:58]

Feminism in Slovenia



How feminism was studied and taught in the 90’s.

RTV SLO/Slovenia 1998 [03:37]

Feminist art



Zbigniew Libera explores the workz of Ewa Partum, Poland’s first feminist artist.

NINA/Poland 2012 [06:50]

Feminism today



A Kultur.21 segment about the differences between the women’s movement of the 1970s and today.

DW/Germany 2008 [06:07]



Domestic boycott in France



The Women’s Liberation Movement calls for a strike by women against “domestic and sexual chores” to demonstrate against work inequality.

INA/France 1974 [03:07]

Women in the Czech army



Not only wearing uniforms! A film documentary about workplaces for women in the Czechoslovak Army, shot on the occasion of International Women’s Day in 1981.

CT/Czech Republic 1981 [06:22]

Solidarity in the workplace



A report about equal pay in 1960s Britain.

BBC/United Kingdom 1968 [02:38]

Feminism in modern day Poland



A discussion about Poland’s current cultural and social affairs on international women’s day in 2012.

NINA/Poland 2012 [33:48]

Gender anxieties in 1950’s Britain



A visit to a factory canteen to find out workers’ views on working women and women in politics.

BBC/United Kingdom 1959 [01:49]

Women on the home front



Princess Margrethe of Denmark opening the ‘Women on the Home Front’ exhibition.

DR/Denmark 1961 [00:54]

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