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All that Jazz!

Photo source: British Broadcasting Corporation. All rights reserved.

Since it’s inception EUscreenXL has made thousands of videos available on With so much content on our portal, we’ve decided to tackle the challenges of curation and contextualization by regularly creating interesting collections for your enjoyment.

Today, on the occasion of International Jazz Day, we’re proud to present a collection of fun, cool, and captivating videos about jazz music and culture!

These clips feature captivating performances from some of the greatest jazz musicians in history, full concerts from contemporary jazz stars, fascinating interviews, and signs of the influence of jazz across the years; on culture, people and on society. We hope you’ll have fun with this collection about jazz life in Europe!

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Louis Armstrong

Don’t miss this wonderful performance by Louis Armstrong! (starts at 05:00)

CT/Czech Republic, 1965 [music][11:15]

Ella Fitzgerald

A fantastic performance by the great Ella Fitzgerald (starts at 00:43)

CT/Czech Republic, 1969 [music][02:24]

Ray Charles

Ray Charles on European and American audiences, his new band and Quincy Jones, and on soul music and twist

RTBF/Belgium, 1962 [english w/ french translation][03:07]

Josephine Baker

Singer and dancer Josephine Baker charming an audience in Prague (performance starts at 00:17)

CT/Czech Republic, 1965 [music][01:23]

Baker interview and song

Josephine Baker talks about her origins, racism in the US, her move to Europe and the decision to adopt children. And another performance by the ever amazing “Black Pearl” (starts at 07:50)

RTBF/Belgium, 1962 [interview in french & performance in english][12:30]

Claude Nougaro

Filmed during rehearsals, Claude Nougaro performs his song Quatre boules de cuir (Four balls of leather)

INA/France, 1969 [music][03:56]

Grencsó Kollektív Kedély

Don’t miss this great concert if you’re a jazz fan! István Grencsó is an important figure of the hungarian farout jazz life. Here he plays with his collective Grencsó Kollektív Kedély at A38 Ship.

NAVA/Hungary, 2005 [music][25:08]

Możdżer Danielsson Fresco

Możdżer Danielsson Fresco live in concert at the Podlasie Opera and Philharmonic in Białystok. The jazz trio were promoting their third album “Polska”.

NINA/Poland, 2013 [music][01:34:00]

Trio Midnight

Another fantastic concert. Elemér Balázs on the drums, Kálmán Oláh on the piano and János Egri on the bass play at A38 Ship, the world’s greatest bar according to a 2012 Lonely Planet poll

NAVA/Hungary, 2005 [music][24:51]

Jazz musician Volker Schlott

East German Jazz musician Volker Schlott on making it in the West

DW/Germany, 1991 [German][05:06]

Jazz Across the Border

At the music festival “Jazz Across the Border“ the focus is on African jazz. The line-up includes the Louis Sclavis-Trio from Paris, who have also toured Africa.

DW/Germany, 2001 [German][02:14]

Joan Chamorro and Andrea Motis

The young and talented Joan Chamorro and Andrea Motis performing as part of Barcelona’s 2011 International Jazz Festival (starts at 00:28)

TVC/Spain, 2011 [music][01:23]

Jazz Festival in Sibiu

Fusing pop and Jazz at the Jazz Festival in Sibiu, Romania in 1976. And Marius Pop band is playing beautifully, starting from 03:16.

TVR/Romania, 1976 [Romanian][07:58]

Interview with Tomasz Stańko

Singer Katarzyna Nosowska interviews Tomasz Stańko

NINA/Poland, 2012 [polish][32:24]

Duke Ellington

A short clip of the mesmerizing Duke Ellington in concert

Luce/Italy, 1971 [music][00:59]