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EUscreenXL Portal User Survey 2015 – Your opinion matters!

Participate in our short survey and help us make EUscreen even better!

We, the EUscreenXL team, are working to improve our services every day. For that reason we highly value your opinion about the portal. This will help us tailor our portal to the needs of EUscreen users and learn how to better prioritize the creation of new functionalities. The survey can be done in 4 minutes, but if you are able to provide more detailed responses, this will help us build a better portal for you. Your responses will remain confidential.

The new EUscreen portal was launched on 30 October 2014. With the new release we put a lot of effort into converting the streaming infrastructure of the project to the HTML5 standard and thus optimizing the interface for tablets and smartphones. Now, after being live for five months, it is time to learn what you – users, think about the new portal, its design and its features.

Developing a portal with content from all over Europe is not an easy task. With this evaluation we want to learn more about the reliability and responsiveness of the services we provide, and more about your expectations.

You can reach the survey through our portal, or by clicking here.

Many thanks for helping us improve our portal!