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International Women’s Day 2017

Take a look at this collection of videos from the EUscreen archive in honor of International Women’s Day 2017: Women in the Changing World of Work.

The video’s present milestones and struggles in gender equality. Find more video’s on!

Women Priests

On 15 May 1990 the Church of Ireland synod voted on the ordination of women priests.

Provider: RTÉ / Ireland 1990 [1:46]

Feminism today

The differences between the women’s movement of the 1970s and today are shown in this clip.

Provider: Deutsche Welle / Germany 2008 [6:07]

Women ministers of Church of Scotland

Cathal O’Shannon reports from Glasgow where the Church of Scotland Assembly are about to vote on whether to have women ministers.

Provider: BBC / United Kingdom 1965 [4:21]

Unusual female professions

Truck drivers, military flight technicians and police helicopter pilots. The only rule in choosing a job is to enjoy the work you’re doing.

Provider: RTV SLO / Slovenia 2008 [8:14]

Women’s rights

James Mossman interviews Penelope Gilliatt and Edith Sitwell about women’s rights.

Provider: BBC / United Kingdom 1959 [4:21]

Equal Pay for Men and Women

Trade union delegates from north and south of the border consider the inequality of pay between male and female workers.

Provider: RTÉ / Ireland 1975 [3:11]

Will Women Ever Be Happy?

The panel on ‘The Big Bite’ discuss the place of the modern woman at home and at work.The debate centres around the question, what is it women really want?

Provider: RTÉ / Ireland 2005 [20:43]

Simone de Beauvoir and feminism

In his programme “Questionnaire”, Jean-Louis Servan Schreiber invites the philosopher and writer Simone de Beauvoir who talks about the reasons for her commitment as a feminist.

Provider: INA / France 1975 [5:59]

Female drivers

Employment of 3 women and mothers as bus drivers.

Provider: Memoriav-SRF / Switzerland 1968 [0:58]

First Woman Bus Driver

In 1980 Joan Doran became CIE’s first woman bus driver and the first woman on scheduled run since before World War II.

Provider: RTÉ / Ireland 1980 [01:20]

Gender Equality in Germany

Men and women in Germany comment on gender equality on the occasion of the International Women’s Day.

Provider: Deutsche Welle / Germany 2007 [01:50]

Status of Women Report

Reaction to the publication of the first report from the Commission on the Status of Women.

Provider: RTÉ/ Ireland 1973 [03:24]

Women in the Czech Army

Not only wearing uniforms! A film documentary about workplaces for women in the Czechoslovak Army, shot on the occasion of International Women’s Day in 1981.

Provider: ČT / Czech Republic 1981 [06:22]

Gender Equality in France

According to this video the professional life of women is substantially more supported and acknowledged in France than it is in Germany.

Provider: Deutsche Welle / Germany 2004 [2:14]

Make it Better for the Women

In this programme on equality of chance we get to know the lifes of women, who lost their jobs due to economic changes and whose position in the job market weakened due to having children.

Provider: NAVA / Hungary 2008 [25:09]


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