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Top 5 Most Viewed Videos on the EUscreen Portal

Screened at the EUscreen Network Meeting in Paris, now on the blog! Find here the five most viewed EUscreen video’s.

A long-standing favourite on the EUscreen Portal: The video with the most unique page views (2.867) is called “The Westhoek in the fifties”, from VRT Belgium. It gives an idyllic view of the Flemish region called “Westhoek” (West Corner). Watch the sea, the beach, and the dunes as they were in the fifties.

1. The “Westhoek” in the fifties

The second currently most popular video, from CT (Czech Republic), is a documentary about Fidel Castro’s six-day stay in Czechoslovakia (1972). Including dancing and ping pong!

2. Six days with Fidel Castro

A newsreport about a fatal accident during the exercise of mountain rescuers utilising a helicopter from RTV SLO (Slovenia) is our number three.

3. TV JOURNAL 10/06/1997

Followed by a video called ‘With lumberjacks in northern Sweden’. A film about forestry from the Kungliga biblioteket (Sweden).

4. With lumberjacks in northern Sweden

And we end this top 5 with ‘Cheesemakers of Beara’ from RTÉ / Ireland, which gives us a look at the art of cheesemaking on a small farm in West Cork.

5. Cheesemakers of Beara