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International Dance Day

On the 29th of April 2017 it’s International Dance Day. Watch this collection of videos from the EUscreen archive to celebrate!

This video collection presents different dance styles and contains interviews with and portaits of famous dancers and choreographers, like Josephine Baker, Serge Lifar, Erik Bruhn, Ismael Ivo and Vladimir Malakhov. Find more video’s on!


A film about tango-foxtrot.

Provider: Kungliga biblioteket / Sweden 1930 [5:27]

Josephine Baker

Interview with the famous actress, dancer and music hall star (1906-1975).

Provider: RTBF / Belgium 1962 [12:30]

Dance school

Young pupils at the Opera in Wien.

Provider: LUCE / Italy 1957 [0:57]

Ismael Ivo

Ismael Ivo, dancer and choreographer from Brazil staged “Hamlet” with Johann Kresnik. His work is characterised by his almost animalistic expressivity.

Provider: Deutsche Welle / Germany 1996 [2:37]

Clog Dance

Demonstration of different Clog dances, traditional Dutch dances on wooden shoes. The dancers are dressed in traditional local clothing.

Provider: Netherlands Institute for Sound and Vision 1947 [9:05]

Aliodija Ruzgaitė

Ballet dancer Aliodija Ruzgaitė performs choreographic miniatures.

Provider: LCVA / Lithuania 1961 [3:45]

Jitterbug world championships

The heats for the jitterbug, a very quick and rhythmic dance including be bop moves, are held at Madison Square Gardens in New York.

Provider: INA / France 1949 [0:47]

Erik Bruhn

Feature on the Danish dancer Erik Bruhn. The White House wants to borrow him from the Royal Opera but is turned down.

Provider: Kungliga biblioteket / Sweden 1964 [2:02]

Match in modern dance

Match in modern dance between Denmark, England and Germany. The British win, Denmark is number two.

Provider: DR / Denmark 1952 [0:35]

Vladimir Malakhov

A portrait of ballet dancer Vladimir Malakhov, who some describe as currently the best ballet dancer in the world. Besides his passion for work, he has another great love – sleep.

Provider: Deutsche Welle / Germany 1997 [04:213]

Colin Farrell Line Dancing

A young Colin Farrell line dancing with troupe ‘Step in Line’.

Provider: RTÉ / Ireland 1994 [01:53]

Serge Lifar

Interview with famous dancer and choreographer (1905-1986) on the occasion of the 50th anniversary of the first international tour of Diaghilev’s Ballets russes.

Provider: RTBF / Belgium 1959 [10:04]

Česlovas Žebrauskas

Ballet dancer Česlovas Žebrauskas performs “Eccentric dance”.

Provider: LCVA / Lithuania 1961 [01:50]

Maria Pages

The Poliorama Theater Barcelona opens the season with “Self-Portrait” by flamenco dancer Maria Pages.

Provider: TV3 Televisió de Catalunya (TVC) / Spain 2010 [1:43]

Russian dance

A film about russian dance.

Provider: Kungliga biblioteket / Sweden 1931 [09:15]

Eurovision Song Contest Riverdance

The interval act at the Eurovision Song Contest 1994 ‘Riverdance’ wows the audience.

Provider: RTÉ / Ireland 1994 [07:27]

John Conneely

John Conneely dances a reel in his unique style.

Provider: RTÉ / Ireland 1972 [3:24]


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