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Call for applications: Join the EUscreen Foundation Board

We’re looking for a new EUscreen Board Member! Would you like to be more involved in the evolution and development of Europe’s largest audiovisual archives network?

We regretfully announce that Alessandra Luciano is resigning from her position on the Board. We wish her the best of luck in her new role as Deputy for Digital Strategy for National Cultural Heritage at the Luxembourgish Ministry for Culture.

Who are the EUscreen Foundation Board members?

You can find all the information about the Board Members in the EUscreen Foundation overview. Meet the EUscreen Foundation Board members.

EUscreen Board members’ role

The EUscreen Foundation governs the EUscreen Network. The Board of the EUscreen Foundation consists of at least three and at most five members who report to the General Assembly. It is responsible for the administration of the Foundation, overseeing the legal and financial management of EUscreen, developing and executing the strategic plan and policy of the Network, monitoring and approving the internal procedures and rules of the Network. It is also appoints the Chair of the Board, the Secretary and the Treasurer.

The mandate of each member if four years, with the possibility to renew the mandate once, upon approval at the General Assembly. The Board meets at least twice a year and they attend the EUscreen Network Meeting once a year.

Who we are looking for

The Board is at the heart of EUscreen’s activities; we are therefore looking for a committed member who is active in the European audiovisuel archiving sector with a focus on education, research and copyright. You must be willing to invest some tome to help develop new collaborations, set the direction for the Network and keep it relevant to its members.

We also aim to have a Board as diverse and balanced as possible in terms of gender, age, geographic location, size of organisation, professional roles, identity, etc. and encourage professionals who feel disadvantaged in the audiovisual archives sector to apply. We are looking for professionals who are committed to the ideas of diversity, equity and inclusion, and who share the values of EUscreen.

How to apply

Send us your CV and letter of motivation by 15 January 2023. If you have any questions, you can write us an email at:

Send your application by email at:

What happens next?

The current Board members will contact the potential candidates after the call is closed. In accordance with EUscreen’s Articles of Association, the current Board members will propose a list of candidates to be voted online.