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Call for applications: Become the new Chair of the EUscreen Participants’ Council

We’re looking for a new Chair of the EUscreen Participant’s Council! Would you like to act as a representative of all the institutions gathered in Europe’s largest audiovisual archives network?

With Nicole Emmenegger leaving her position at the EUscreen Foundation, we are looking for a new Chair of the Participants’ Council who will act as a representative of all the Institutions gathered in our Network.

Who are the EUscreen Network members?

You can find all the information about the Network members in the EUscreen Foundation overview. Discover the EUscreen Network members.

Chair of the Participant’s Council Profile

We invite EUscreen Network members to step forward and candidate for the Chair position.

  1. The Chair is the representative of all the Participants and Supporting Participants gathered under the Participants’ Council, an advisory board to the Foundation Board; 
  2. The Chair officiates the meetings of the Participants’ Council which intends to gather at least once a year; 
  3. The Chair of the Participants’ Council is the official contact point between the Participants’ Council and the Foundation’s Board facilitating the exchange of information and communication between the two bodies; 
  4. If and as soon as a vacancy arises on the Foundation’s Board, the Chair is in charge of the election process; 
  5. The Chair is not entitled to remuneration. He/she will however be entitled to reimbursement of expenses (i.e. travel costs) reasonably incurred during the performance of his/her duties; 
  6. The chair of the Participants’ Council will be appointed as such for a period of two years. 
Reappointment is permitted once. 

How to apply

Send us your CV and letter of motivation by 22 January 2023. If you have any questions, you can write us an email at:

Send your application by email at:

We hope you will see the elections as an opportunity and an encouragement to get involved and have a say in shaping the future of EUscreen.