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New Board Member and Chair of the Participant’s Council announced!

The EUscreen Foundation is delighted to announce that it has elected a new member of the Board and a new Chair of the Participant’s Council. Bartolomeo Meletti from Learning on Screen will take his seat on the Board following Alessandra Luciano. Laura Schotte from The Netherlands Institute for Sound & Vision will be taking over from Nicole Emennegger as Chair of the Participant’s Council.

Meet Board Member Bartolomeo Meletti

The Board is at the heart of EUscreen’s activities; we were therefore looking for a committed member who is active in the European audiovisual archiving sector with a focus on education, research and copyright. Moreover, a Board Member ought to be committed to the values of EUscreen and especially the ideas of diversity, equity and inclusion.

Bartolomeo is a leading expert in the fields of audiovisual copyright and copyright education, recognised both at UK and EU level. He has produced innovative research and educational resources on copyright law, including and the award-winning series of animated films The Game is On!. Bartolomeo has also led several initiatives aimed at making Learning on Screen’s digital archive of over 3 million TV and radio broadcasts as usable as possible for educators and researchers.

“I believe my expertise in copyright law as well as my experience as Education and Research Executive at Learning on Screen could help unlock the education and research potential of the EUscreen portal and its archival audiovisual items.”
Bartolomeo Meletti

Meet Chair of the Participant’s Council Laura Schotte

The Chair is the representative of all the Participants and Supporting Participants gathered under the Participants’ Council, an advisory board to the Foundation Board. The Chair is the official contact point between the Participants’ Council and the Foundation’s Board facilitating the exchange of information and communication between the two bodies. The Chair is also responsible for organising the network’s annual meeting and organising Board elections when necessary. 

Laura has extensive working experience in the field of communication ranging from the audiovisual sector, to the private sector, to the Dutch government. In the Autumn of 2021 Laura co-organised the online EUscreen networking event together with then Chair, Nicole Emmenegger. At Sound & Vision she is involved in many other innovative projects such as MediaNumeric and CRAFTED

“As Chair of the EUscreen Participants’ Council I truly believe I can provide the support and organisation that the network requires. Moreover, I think I could play an important role in energising the network and its activities even further.”
Laura Schotte

The EUscreen Foundation is very excited for Bartolomeo and Laura to take on their new roles within the network.