Watching Videos Like a Historian

Watching Videos Like a Historian

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In an era of digital transformation, trust in traditional media and knowledge sources has diminished, allowing misinformation and polarization to flourish. Quality education becomes an important defense against these challenges.

Watching Videos Like a Historian unites European history and media professionals to create a toolkit to help students enhance their ability to critically assess audiovisual content and develop media literacy and critical thinking skills. This project works to develop a toolkit for educators, supporting critical thinking and digital competencies. It also creates a guide for cultural heritage practitioners on unlocking the potential of audiovisual resources for educational use. Teacher training workshops further this mission, making students more informed consumers and producers of information.

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“Watching Videos Like a Historian” brings together history and media professionals across Europe in order to create a toolkit that would help students to critically approach and assess audio and visual information and develop their media literacy and critical thinking skills.
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Practitioner's Guide

Cultural heritage institutions hold extensive audiovisual collections with great potential for enhancing European classrooms. Watching Videos like a Historian, a Erasmus+ project, introduces the Practitioner's Guide for AV Collection Holders, designed for institutions large and small, providing practical insights on opening collections for educational use. It emphasizes why this step benefits educators, students and institutions. The guide highlights sharing methods and simplifies copyright navigation to empower educators and enhance learning with audiovisual materials.

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Are you part of a project or initiative that uses audiovisual materials in educational settings? We want to hear from you! The Watching Videos Like a Historian project is collecting examples of such initiatives to create a diverse range of case studies to compose our Practitioner’s Guide for AV Collection Holders.
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