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AV in education initiatives

Call for sharing

AV in education initiatives

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Call for Sharing: AV in Education Initiatives

Are you part of a project or initiative that uses audiovisual materials in educational settings? We want to hear from you!

The Watching Videos Like a Historian project is collecting examples of such initiatives to create a diverse range of case studies to compose our Practitioner’s Guide for AV Collection Holders.

Why Share Your Project?

Your project’s success story can inspire others and contribute to the broader understanding of how audiovisual materials can be effectively utilized in education. By sharing your insights, you help fellow educators and institutions enhance their AV collections’ educational impact.

How to Contribute?

Share the most important information about your project or initiative in the comments below, including:

  • Project Name
  • A brief description
  • Educational goals
  • Contact information (if you’re comfortable sharing publicly)
  • At least one image to represent your project

Your examples will be featured on the practitioner guide’s webpage, providing valuable insights for others in the field. If you prefer to discuss your project privately, feel free to provide your contact information, and we’ll get in touch.

Thank you for your contribution. Questions? Contact Isabel Beirigo 📧